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Motorsports operations

Motorsports operations

Planning, coordination and running of wide-ranging racing events

As the secretariat for running the racing events held at Suzuka Circuit and Twin Ring Motegi, which range from world championships to domestic races, our diverse operations include negotiating with supervisory organizations, creating racing regulations, and accepting participating teams. Vigilantly controlling the circuit conditions to ensure the safety of each race, and conducting rescue operations in case of any accident, are also important responsibilities.

Fostering motorsports racer talent

We operate The Suzuka Circuit Racing School and plan programs, to train and foster the talent who may be racing at the world's topmost levels in the near future.

Amusement park operations

Amusement park operations

Running wide-ranging amusement park facilities

In the mobility-themed amusement parks, we operate and manage a wide range of facilities, from vehicles that even small kids can drive to full-scale racing karts, and also produce and operate exciting events held inside these parks.

Planning, marketing and store operations for merchandise and light meals

We plan our unique, original merchandise; develop seasonal menus; and operate and manage the stores inside the parks.

Operations for HELLOWOODS' forests and car camping sites

We plan and run, as mobility-themed parks inside forests, seasonal events for experiencing nature first-hand, playing in forests, and creating things with the participants’ own hands. Other important tasks include welcoming groups from schools and other organizations, conducting customer relationship management operations, and developing a wide variety of activities taking full advantage of the rich forests of Twin Ring Motegi.

Resort operations

Resort operations

Hotel operations

A diverse and wide range of customers is served, including families, business persons attending training and lecture programs, racing team members and associated personnel, and foreign visitors.
Among the important front desk operations are customer check-ins and check-outs, processing of accommodation reservations, and coordinating with the customers’ requests at reservation time.

Restaurant operations

We welcome gatherings related to corporate training programs and parties. We serve customers, manage restaurant sales and carry out planning as part of the restaurant management operations.

Spa facility operations

As facilities inside Suzuka Circuit that help customers relax, we operate a natural hot spring bathhouse and a heated swimming pool.
Customer reception, and planning and running of events are among the important tasks.

Traffic education operations

Traffic education operations

Operations as instructors

We actively help drivers and riders improve their skills and manners in traffic. As a pioneer in safe driving and riding education, we provide wide-ranging knowledge and skills to companies and general customers.

Planning and running programs for safe driving and riding

A wide variety of courses for training instructors inside and outside the company are offered, and for helping customers from companies and schools as well as individual customers gain knowledge on safe driving and riding through fun-filled programs. We plan and present programs to match each customer’s skills and needs.

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