On June 1, 2006, Suzuka Circuitland Co., Ltd., and Twin Ring Motegi Co., Ltd., merged on equal terms to make a new start as Mobilityland Corporation.
Suzuka Circuit then opened in 1962 as Japan’s first full-fledged international race course and has contributed since that time to spreading motorsports in Japan.
Then in 1997, Twin Ring Motegi was launched as a motorsports field, possessing Japan’s first super speedway and introducing Japan to the new mobility culture of American motorsports. These two enterprises offering the customer joy, fun and excitement through mobility have become one. Mobilityland Corporation plans to be a company providing joy, fun and excitement to the public at large by combining the know-how and the power cultivated by Suzuka Circuit and Twin Ring Motegi, for an even richer mobility culture.

Mobilityland Philosophy

Basic Principles

Respect for the Individual
The Three Joys (The Joy of Buying, The Joy of Selling, The Joy of Creating)

Company Principle (Mission Statement)

We will create a mobility culture that profoundly connects people worldwide with the nature around them while continuing to offer joy, fun and excitement to the community.

Management Policies

● Always think from the customer’s viewpoint.
● Be creative with dreams as power and take on challenges.
● Encourage theory, originality, time and open communication.
● Enjoy your work, improve skills and create a working atmosphere full of smiling faces.
● Be sincere and take social responsibility.
● Give top priority to safety and be in harmony with the global environment.

What is mobility?

People move because they have goals. Community begins when people move to another place and run into other people. Through these moves, they meet different kinds of people and learn about each other; it is there that new cultures and new values are born. We call such movement-related areas “mobility.” Pursue convenience, fun, and the value of mobility; have them take root in the lives of many people. This is what we call “mobility culture.” One of Mobilityland’s main missions is to promote a richer and safer mobility culture in society.


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