Origin of Twin Ring Motegi

Twin Ring Motegi opened its doors in 1997, in the town of Motegi in eastern Tochigi prefecture. Set on hills linked to the Hakko mountain chain, Twin Ring Motegi is surrounded by forest, with the pure water of the Nakagawa river, originating on Mt. Nasu, flowing by.
“Twin Ring” was coined by joining the English word “twin” and the German word “ring.” The name indicates the two racing courses: Super Speedway, an American-style oval course, and Road Course, a European layout. “Twin” is also intended to imply the merging of two objects, the harmony of man with nature, the meeting and joining of people. Although “ring” in German means a ring or a circle, that meaning was broadened to include a group of people, a circle of excitement and affinity. We want to make that circle of affinity and excitement even larger. That’s why we call this place “Twin Ring Motegi.”

Multi-purpose facility offering diverse experiences

Twin Ring Motegi has a variety of racing courses. One major attraction is watching the world’s top races, such as MotoGP, and feeling the speed and excitement with the whole body.
Twin Ring Motegi also features opportunities for visitors to try different activities on their own. We believe that excitement and affinity grow with hands-on participation. Here, people can operate motorcycles and cars to race while learning safe-driving knowledge and skills. Visitors can also have fun making crafts using natural materials and simply being surrounded by nature with their family or friends.
At Twin Ring Motegi, you can be a part of experiences born from the meeting of people, vehicles and nature.

Project for nature and the environment

The main idea in the development of Twin Ring Motegi was coexistence with nature. We aimed to keep the nearby forest as untouched as possible and leave the water system in its natural state, while reviving and increasing woodlands.
Using the natural environment effectively, we have our eyes firmly fixed on the coexistence of people with nature, an attitude that will remain into future.
The abundantly green Hello Woods in Twin Ring Motegi offers different displays in each season. In the rich natural asset of this forest, Satoyama (the forested village), a 21st century playground, is being built, so that children can devote themselves to play and still learn much from the plants and animals around them. Our hope is to expand and develop the circle of affinity with the completion of Satoyama.

From young children to adults

We all have the power to dream and to make those dreams grow. Those of us who are trying to make our dreams real or to move forward are vivid and active. In this sense, there is no difference between a child and an adult.
Hold onto your dreams and, through your experiences, expand the circle of excitement and affinity in order to step forward. We at Twin Ring Motegi will continue to support people with such attitudes. With many programs at the ready, we look forward to your visit.

Kochira (Kochira family) is an original character of MOBILITYLAND
designed by Mr. Osamu Tezuka. (c)TEZUKA PRODUCTIONS